About Us

Tefi Pessoa

Estefania Pessoa, also known as Tefi, has was born in Miami to a Colombian mother and Brazilian father who never taught her to dance salsa. Being 5’7 in fourth grade with a mole on her face, she was forced to distract bullies with humor or subpar basketball skills. The latter did not fare so well and only gave her opponents more material. She worked in wardrobe styling after high school until moving to New York in 2013 where she pretended to love PR & Marketing, the Upper East Side, dubstep and not having depression. In 2019 Tefi joined Dreams, a live TV startup, to host a daily pop culture show that streams on YouTube (gaining nearly 100,000 subscribers in its first few months). She created the show with her best friend, Molly Brunk, who is the head writer and producer for the show. Now, Tefi is quarantined at home in Bushwick with her Aquarius boyfriend and Gemini cat. She is a Cancer and still 5’7. She is on TikTok like, A LOT. Molly is one of her bestest friends.

Molly Brunk

Molly is a writer/producer/project manager in NYC, originally from Miami. She always wished to be a savant in one area, so she dabbled in many areas, including Graphic Design, Production, Photography, Editing, Improv, Sketch comedy, before realizing she has ADD and this will never happen. Now she applies all of her skills as a writer producer. Pre-covid, Molly was a writer/producer on the Tefi show, a daily life pop culture show. She created the show with her bestie (don't tell her other besties), Tefi, who is the host of the show. She is currently working as a freelance project manager with creative agency, SpeciaGuest, working with clients such as Google, Snapchat & Chewy. Tefi is one of her bestest friends.